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Someone on LJ reviewd Sauna not too long ago. I can't remember who, but at that recommendation I put it on my queue and watched it last night and man was it creepy. It earned several really good jumps and squeals from me, and was just in general a creepy flick. I can't say I understood everything about it, but I don't feel like that matters somehow.

In not-film news: Pie a success! It was delicious, although, as I had originally planned on a different recipe, I had no ginger and substituted it with half the amount of cloves, which was a bit strong but not bad. This time (I'm making a second pie for a Thanksgiving #2 tomorrow with the Captain's family) I was prepared with ginger and added a bit of vanilla for the fun of it, and (again, though I haven't tasted the finished product) I think this one's going to be even better! And I had a cup of potatoes leftover so I made cookies... but they are simultaneously veryvery boring and a bit over-spiced. Perhaps some icing will help them out.

Oh, and I just ended boiling the potatoes both times. It's a time-saver!

Unrelated, we got our hen today. A verified hen! None of this two roosters business. She is a black sex-link re-homed from a work friend. She's lovely. Lots of shiny colors on her black feathers, and so soft! And she will let us pet her. We've named her Susan.

The remaining rooster (one of them "disappeared" a while ago... only some scattered feathers left in the horse pasture) was so excited when she arrived. He puffed up and danced around and they clucked at each other through her temporary cage. But after we caught and de-spurred him (we have to or he will hurt her!) he became very shy, would not go near her, and acted embarrassed and emasculated, the poor guy. (He has no name, we call him "chitchen".)

Anyway, fresh eggs! :)
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