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Oh esteemed flist! I face a dilemma! I want to make a sweet potato pie. I've never made one before! I got a recipe online which calls for boiling whole potatoes. Another suggests I boil cut-up potatoes, and my mother says not to boil them at all but to bake them, as boiling increases water content. I would default to my mom's advice but I don't recall her ever making sweet potato pie.

So. To boil or not to boil? That is the question.

Other online recipes confuse the matter further by simply calling for "cooked, mashed sweet potatoes" with no clue as to how to get them that way. This is made even worse by the endless variation of ingredients including a simple pecan topping, yogurt, and I kid you not!, tomato soup!
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Adventures in Eyecare )

In adventures of the shoewear variety, I found new running shoes! Not perfect but at this point I'll take what I can get. I haven't been running in a month because of it. I hope I continue to like them. Nope!

Other than that, I found a nifty patterned shirt, mostly grey and yellow, to add to my collection of awesome clothes which could also be upholstery. Also, pants.

Oh, and the newest Kasabian and a not-so-new Death Cab for Cutie.
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We need a duress phrase! For times when perhaps I am being made to post to my journal under threat to my person! Something ridiculous and unlikely.


"Could someone record American Idol for me?"

"I really hope Brittney's new album is a chart-topping success!"

"I'm really sick of Viggo, he's so unattractive and uninteresting."

"Congratulate me! I'm getting married!"

"And in conclusion, spandex."


That last one was going to be about being with-child but after I typed the p-word I felt a little sick. The absolute in not-funny phrases!

Don't forget to make your own and let your flist know!

The Captain and I need one, too. Trouble is, we will be tempted to use it under times of non-duress because it will be funny!, completely stripping it of its unique purpose. So we will need a duress phrase as well as a "no, really, I'm actually under duress this time" phrase, for those frequent occasions when thugs with guns force us to make phonecalls demanding that the other pick up milk on their way home when, in fact, WE DON'T NEED MILK.

Times like those.
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I watched The Brothers Bloom the other night and I'd quite like to cuddle Adrien Brody until the end of time. This is really not a new thing, though.

I'd like to read a Boosh!fic in which... Egypt! )

I'd like for my Future Sailors and Darkplace dvds to arrive tonight! (By Royal Mail! To be delivered by gents in armour with crests riding white horses with plumes on their heads.)

I'd like tea.

I'd like to host a big music sharing post but I fear it would just be me uploading a bunch of albums no one wants to hear!

I'd like for Lenscrafters to have my lenses when I go for an exam tomorrow(they never do!)!

I'd like to take Access classes so that I can be a better d-base programmer and use my skills for freelance monies of awesome!

That's enough for now. Except that I wouldn't mind seeing other "things I'd like" posts on my flist!

Funny how it started so simple and fannish and ended up on monies and real life.
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I have not posted about movies in a while!

Of note! )

Finally, to make my icon relevant: FINALLY, a real date for The Road. Nov 25! It's going be wonderful and awful, and if it isn't they won't have done it right.
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So far Does It Offend You, Yeah? is the frontrunner in the New Dudes I Listen To race. I have to say, they are pretty awesome. The variance of sound! The beats! The... awesome!

At times it's like Aphex Twin set to a dance beat. Sometimes it's hard rock electronic new wave. There's quite a bit of eighties radio pop. It's a smidge Daft Punk here and there, and at some point someone gently wafted some Mindless Self Indulgence over a few tracks, sprinkled it with Electric Six, smacked it around with some Atari Teenage Riot. Then Pee-Wee Herman danced on it in shoes with spikes to an old late-night scifi horror flick soundtrack as performed by The Cars.

Seriously. I may be a bit late to the game, but if you are too, check them out!
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Got my coat today. A bit narrow for my manshoulders and touch short in the arms but it would have worked fine for Howard starters. Oh well.

And! Goku! )
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Costumes )

All that costuming didn't leave much time for movies until yesterday. It was nice to kick back and bask in belated horror.

Movies! )

A couple of pics to come, I think.

Oh, and thanks to those of you who stopped by my Virtual Halloween Party! Good times! I still owe a couple of treats, which will come soon.
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My very best news is that a thing that seemed to be wrong with my car is not wrong at all. The suspicious noise was being caused by the jack in my trunk, unsecured after my flat two weeks ago. I was seriously thinking of buying a new car rather than put more money into this one, but I will put that off a little longer now. I hate being rushed into that sort of thing.

a dream and costumes )

My worst news is that I still haven't found running shoes that I like, and have not been running for two weeks. And I can tell the difference in many not-really-awesome ways!
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I am soon to embark on my first adventure in machine-sewing. I hand-sew, but only little things (like the lion hood-cowl complete with ears and feathery "mane", and matching tail made on short notice for youngest nephew three nights ago!), but I have never had the patience to learn to use sewing machines or work with patterns. I just make things up.

But I have a pattern and material and the Captain has agreed to help. My first victim project, and the whole reason I'm doing this, is a Goku costume for the oldest nephew. Goku! )

I'm going to run out of time and money making their stuff and my Howard might be a little lame for it, but I think it's more fun getting theirs right!
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Classic Cult/Camp Horror for the whole family.

This year's Halloween lineup! )
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Anyone know much about machine sewing?
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My favorite time of the year!

After much thinking and torture and net-surfing, we have landed back at our original idea. The Captain and I shall be Tundra!Boosh for Halloween!

Bringing the arctic to Florida! )

That said, because Halloween is on a Saturday this year, we're going to a party. :D The downside to this is that I will once again not be around for my "annual" Virtual Halloween party. HOWEVER, I hate to miss out two years in a row! I enjoy it too much, and we had a killer time in 2007! So, how about I have it a couple of days early? Say, Thursday and Friday, the 29th and 30th? Can I pencil you all in? Don't forget that there are door prizes in the form of bad poetry, poorly rendered graphics, and shortshort fiction!


Oct. 16th, 2009 06:08 pm
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So! The Captain is a bit disturbed by a current trend in my music listening. Girls! I can blame it on the Boosh, I guess, for introducing me to Robots in Disguise, but the rest is all the fault of I don't listen to a lot of female vocalists/songwriters. I do enjoy Tori Amos, My Bloody Valentine, Portishead, a few others. Not many. Some of my current interest could also be attributed to the lure of newness, change, it's a good time of year for it. Also, our local stations play the same junk overandoverandover.

So, um. Here's some of what I'm listening to. It's all sort of electro punk funk retro trip-hop...ness.

My music is where I'd like you to touch. )
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A question for fans of Kids in the Hall, particularly those who watched it on Comedy Central back in the day.

Tonight we watched an epidode that included Scott's Manny Coon skit, which I don't remember ever watching before. Now so far during this rewatch I've only found one episode that's been new to me, and this episode had familar sketches, particularly the Helens, which are always memorable. But I don't remember Manny, and I wonder if, with the questionable bits, it was thrown out of that episode for Comedy Central. Anyone remember? It's pretty amazing. Hard to imagine I'd forget it.

Drunk, smug, impotent. )

I also don't remember Kevin's "Power of my Cock" skit from the same ep (and cannot find it on youtube).

EDIT: Mystery Solved! According to, neither of these sketches ever aired outside of HBO, and in fact this episode never aired in its entirety outside of HBO, the remaining sketches were split up and aired in other eps. I wonder how many more like this I will find!
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Different things!

Largely, all is the same. However, I have started "tutoring" my nephews, a couple of nights a week, which so far consists of helping them with homework plus a little extra. Thursday night I made my first-grade nephew write a two-sentence book report on a Magic Schoolbus book. Hehe.

Am setting alarm early now for extra time to sort out hair before work. I did this to myself, I know. Sometimes I really dig it and love being able to wear it down, other times I think it won't be long before it's long enough for a ponytail again.

The Decemberists last Tuesday were awesome. They played the new album in its entirety... it's kind of an opera, sort of. One big story. Great live. Then did some old songs. Then did a wicked cover of Heart's Crazy On You. Some pics here.

STP last night was super kickass. No surprise that the band was awesome but what a crowd! STP love all around! Heard favorites, and the one I'd been thinking I'd like to hear was the first they played. Sorry they didn't play more of their less popular stuff but no complaints otherwise. Also, Meatpuppets were great. They came on so suddenly and without fuss that at first I thought they were the tune-up guys.

Pics taken by the Captain! )

Oh, and we've been watching Kids in The Hall! ^__^ It makes me so warm and fuzzy.
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Just links for my own entertainings.

Here is a short article from Spin. Mostly I link because it features a pretty nice little video which well encompasses the spirit of the Boosh.

Can I embed it here? Let's try. )

And over here is a fabulous, fun, and long interview with Julian and Noel, about writing and doing things and pomegranates (actually just one). An excerpt, perhaps? )

Related to this, we got the live show DVD. It's ridiculously fun, especially seeing them do the songs, particularly with Julian's falsetto. Noel Fielding seems to have no concept whatsoever of the fourth wall, Julian little enough. This is in no way a bad thing. Some clips.
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I had leftover roasted chicken. So! Tortilla pizza! A flower tortilla spread with ricotta, topped with thin-sliced tomatoes, avocado, cooked spinach, roasted chicken, feta and mozarella. Baked at 375 until I felt like it had accomplished something, then broiled a bit. The tortilla held up nicely. I was too timid with the feta and it should have had some kind of garlicky element (not actual garlic, I am never slicing fresh garlic again ever), and in the end I piled my slices with extra avacado, spinach and feta but after that? EXCELLENT. I wanted mushrooms but forgot them. Black or kalamata olives would have been amazing. Next time I will put strength of the tortilla to the test!

Yeah, that's it. If you have suggestions for improvement I welcome them!

EDIT: I have found that mixing the ricotta with garlic powder, salt and parsley (does the parsley actually do anything? or just look pretty?) before spreading, then liberally applying all other ingredients greatly improves flavor. Also, optional mexican blend cheese rather than mozarella.

Oh, and I had another good run. Rufus Wainwright's Want One surprisingly good for running, or perhaps that's just because I love it so much for all its epic ways. Now for PT, shower, IT Crowd and restless sleep! Hair appt in the morning!

My life, she is magnificently exciting.
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day 01 | a song
day 02 | a picture
day 03 | a book/ebook/fanfic
day 04 | a site
day 05 | a youtube clip
day 06 | a quote
day 07 | whatever tickles your fancy

Today: a quote.

I'm sure I'm supposed to choose something wise and profound. But I'm not really much of either. However! I was recently amused when both David Lynch and ShitMyDadSays shared words of wisdom within minutes of each other on my twitter feed. I think essentially they're trying to say the same thing? (I recommend reading Lynch first.)

Look inside yourself, my child. )


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