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Jun. 4th, 2009 11:52 pm
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An encounter while running. )

Totally unrelated, Rogue? The killer croc movie? The Sam Worthington movie? Not as bad as expected. Sam was lovely. Could have had more screentime, though. Could have omitted one or three cheezy lines of dialogue. Otherwise, a mostly satisfying watch! And I enjoy Radha Mitchell.
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Netflix just shipped Rogue to me. It's a killer croc movie. *hangs head* Why? Sam Worthington, of course! (I'm still not sure if I can handle the tapdance movie, though.)

For any of you who still haven't seen Terminator Salvation, keep in mind, not only is there this and this to consider, but also this.
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On a movie kick!

Watched Australia last night. Very good! Gorgeous Hugh, OMG. And David Wenham was THE DEVIL, oh man. And the kid, whose name I don't know, was the cutest kid since the little girl in The Fall. Also, pretty horses.

As for the other aussies, I watched another Sam Worthington movie, Gettin' Square. A pretty good movie, sort of like an aussie Guy Ritchie movie only with less violence, less cursing, and not as funny... so not really Guy Ritchie at all. Anyway, crime folk doing silly things and one really lovable guy. Lovable guy was Sam Worthington of course, who was so adorable. *eats him* AND David Wenham again! Who played possibly the best and probably the most entertaining junkie ever. I will never look at Faramir again without imagining him in leopard print underwear and flip-flops.

Because I can... some pics and vids. )


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