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T-Rex lovingly hi-jacked from Ryan North.

I am grateful for such awesome friends!

And to those of you not celabrating turkey ham, happy regular day!

PIE UPDATE: As it turned out, I needed both potatoes for the pie, and they ended up being boiled. But man oh man. I haven't tasted the finished result (which is lovely!), but I could have eaten the pie filling all by itself! It should be pretty tasty.

Anyway. A good day to all. May there be a large ham in your not-to-distant future if not today.
the_rev: Ryan North (t-rex:sexy)
We need a duress phrase! For times when perhaps I am being made to post to my journal under threat to my person! Something ridiculous and unlikely.


"Could someone record American Idol for me?"

"I really hope Brittney's new album is a chart-topping success!"

"I'm really sick of Viggo, he's so unattractive and uninteresting."

"Congratulate me! I'm getting married!"

"And in conclusion, spandex."


That last one was going to be about being with-child but after I typed the p-word I felt a little sick. The absolute in not-funny phrases!

Don't forget to make your own and let your flist know!

The Captain and I need one, too. Trouble is, we will be tempted to use it under times of non-duress because it will be funny!, completely stripping it of its unique purpose. So we will need a duress phrase as well as a "no, really, I'm actually under duress this time" phrase, for those frequent occasions when thugs with guns force us to make phonecalls demanding that the other pick up milk on their way home when, in fact, WE DON'T NEED MILK.

Times like those.


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