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Different things!

Largely, all is the same. However, I have started "tutoring" my nephews, a couple of nights a week, which so far consists of helping them with homework plus a little extra. Thursday night I made my first-grade nephew write a two-sentence book report on a Magic Schoolbus book. Hehe.

Am setting alarm early now for extra time to sort out hair before work. I did this to myself, I know. Sometimes I really dig it and love being able to wear it down, other times I think it won't be long before it's long enough for a ponytail again.

The Decemberists last Tuesday were awesome. They played the new album in its entirety... it's kind of an opera, sort of. One big story. Great live. Then did some old songs. Then did a wicked cover of Heart's Crazy On You. Some pics here.

STP last night was super kickass. No surprise that the band was awesome but what a crowd! STP love all around! Heard favorites, and the one I'd been thinking I'd like to hear was the first they played. Sorry they didn't play more of their less popular stuff but no complaints otherwise. Also, Meatpuppets were great. They came on so suddenly and without fuss that at first I thought they were the tune-up guys.

Pics taken by the Captain! )

Oh, and we've been watching Kids in The Hall! ^__^ It makes me so warm and fuzzy.


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