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Friday I went shopping with a friend and Kohl's had If You Give a Mouse a Cookie plush mice, and the profits go to charity. This was one of my favorite books as a kid! And I still love it. And while I bought him for my neice and intended to buy the book also and give her both, I have been snuggling him since.

I might have to buy another.

Otherwise, we (the Captain and I... and the mouse) watched the first episode of Carl Sagan's Cosmos, prompted by the nifty Symphony of Science songs/videos. We will be continuing the series!

Somewhat related, worked with my nephew on his science project. Was not as awesome as it should have been.

Now to do some things I've been meaning to do.
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I have not posted about movies in a while!

Of note! )

Finally, to make my icon relevant: FINALLY, a real date for The Road. Nov 25! It's going be wonderful and awful, and if it isn't they won't have done it right.
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A question for fans of Kids in the Hall, particularly those who watched it on Comedy Central back in the day.

Tonight we watched an epidode that included Scott's Manny Coon skit, which I don't remember ever watching before. Now so far during this rewatch I've only found one episode that's been new to me, and this episode had familar sketches, particularly the Helens, which are always memorable. But I don't remember Manny, and I wonder if, with the questionable bits, it was thrown out of that episode for Comedy Central. Anyone remember? It's pretty amazing. Hard to imagine I'd forget it.

Drunk, smug, impotent. )

I also don't remember Kevin's "Power of my Cock" skit from the same ep (and cannot find it on youtube).

EDIT: Mystery Solved! According to, neither of these sketches ever aired outside of HBO, and in fact this episode never aired in its entirety outside of HBO, the remaining sketches were split up and aired in other eps. I wonder how many more like this I will find!
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Different things!

Largely, all is the same. However, I have started "tutoring" my nephews, a couple of nights a week, which so far consists of helping them with homework plus a little extra. Thursday night I made my first-grade nephew write a two-sentence book report on a Magic Schoolbus book. Hehe.

Am setting alarm early now for extra time to sort out hair before work. I did this to myself, I know. Sometimes I really dig it and love being able to wear it down, other times I think it won't be long before it's long enough for a ponytail again.

The Decemberists last Tuesday were awesome. They played the new album in its entirety... it's kind of an opera, sort of. One big story. Great live. Then did some old songs. Then did a wicked cover of Heart's Crazy On You. Some pics here.

STP last night was super kickass. No surprise that the band was awesome but what a crowd! STP love all around! Heard favorites, and the one I'd been thinking I'd like to hear was the first they played. Sorry they didn't play more of their less popular stuff but no complaints otherwise. Also, Meatpuppets were great. They came on so suddenly and without fuss that at first I thought they were the tune-up guys.

Pics taken by the Captain! )

Oh, and we've been watching Kids in The Hall! ^__^ It makes me so warm and fuzzy.


Sep. 12th, 2009 11:52 am
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Boosh fic. :)

I've been meaning to say that the SPN premiere was a little meh for me. Dean's attitude was the best bit but then that's not unusual.
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I have been suppressing this urge again. I tell you. It's been difficult. But now, brought to you by my lack of self control and my ability to do as I please, in no particular order: satsumas, man thighs, man kissing, cross-dressing, shamans, an evil cockney, moar cross-dressing, Richard Ayoade, and the moon.

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you: My Fandom )

Ahh, that feels much better.
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Still on a Boosh bender. Got the first disc of 2nd season today. Shared the first season with running buddy who loved it and promptly set her DVR to record all the eps on Adult Swim.

Also, I blame the Captain for this mostly. Eels Up Inside Your Highness.

In other news, neck was better. Now neck sucks again. I don't understand.

Oh, and someone at work brought me a tiny bottle of Stoli vodka. I've never had vodka. I'd like to try it tonight but my anti-inflammatory meds warn against mixing with alcohol as it increases the risk of "stomach bleeding" which sounds theoretically kind of badass but actually rather unpleasant.
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I should just say now that I'm in love with the Mighty Boosh and may never recover. I'm so excited about it I can't even talk about it except to say how excited I am. It's ridiculous and adorable and there's singing. It's like my own little warm wacky breast upon which to rest my head and feast on the androgyny. It's nice. ^ ^

(Note to self: need Boosh icon.)

In other news, also slightly in love with my PT guy. I may kidnap him and keep him in my basement.

(Note to self: build basement.)

Yeah, that's it.

Oh, except that I've been banned from swimming by aforementioned PT guy. Bother.
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The Captain has introduced me to The Mighty Boosh. She showed me some clips months ago and I tried to find them on Netflix but they weren't available. Then suddenly Adult Swim picks them up, they appear on Netflix, and well. Here we are.

Anyway. This could be bad for me ALL OF YOU.

Pics and clips. Because! )
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PT and Fitness )

Mad Men and a couple of Classics )

And having nothing to do with ANY of that, for some reason I can't remember (apart from the fact that she's awesome), I decided to introduce the Captain to Gilda Radner via Nadia Comaneci! She's still cute! I had not seen this in years and I was breathless. She was brilliant!

Mad Men

Aug. 10th, 2009 10:11 am
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I've wanted to watch AMC's Mad Men since it first started a couple of years ago, but I'm terrible at watching television. Last night I watched the first episode of S1. I enjoy the world in general but I need help! There is too much lady-hating! I'm sure this is accurate for the time (1960) but I'm having trouble watching it.

Do any of you watch it? Is there any justice/redemption for the ladies? Any guys that aren't total asses? So far only the main character is sometimes reasonable*, but that's only if it's going to get him somewhere/something.


*Mr. Sterling might also be an alright guy, he hasn't had much screentime yet. He interests me. I cannot honestly say that this might not have more to do with the white hair than anything else. *hangs head*

I give!

May. 30th, 2009 11:42 am
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So. Just watched the first ep of Season one of Star Trek. For the first time ever, yes. I have never watched more than a random ep here and there, mostly TNG because that's what was airing when I was growing up, and it has never interested me. M and I agree that it's because I prefer gritty horror space (Alien, for example) over shiny tech-y space.

I was curious about the new movie becaue it looked cool and because Chris Pine, but talked myself out of it. But the curiosity has been growing, and folks like [personal profile] stewardess tempt me with fic I can't read because I know no one in it! But today [personal profile] telesilla's post on Uhura was the last straw and my curiosity finally got the better of me. And Netflix has Season One on Watch Instantly.

It was pretty amusing. My first response was to giggle at their shoes and the cardboard? styrofoam? rocks, but it was fun and I definitely wasn't bored. I have to wonder why Kirk smiles all the damned time. I have to wonder how those ladies get anything done in those tiny dresses, although I have to admit that I approve. :) Also have to admit a surprising particular fondness for Spock!

Anyway. Yeah. There's a 12:30 showing this morning and I have nothing else to do. So. Probably that. (Unless I can't resist the urge to see T4 again! ^ ^)

me, wtf?

May. 15th, 2009 12:20 am
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Ok, actually, nevermind. Now edited to comment on actual happenings.

big friggin' spoilers for Supernaturl 4x22 (season finale) )

dw & spn

Apr. 27th, 2009 01:21 pm
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DW crossposting now available to me! Huzzah. Was not last week for some irksome reason.

I am days late, but... spoilers for spn 4.19 )


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