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Got my coat today. A bit narrow for my manshoulders and touch short in the arms but it would have worked fine for Howard starters. Oh well.

And! Goku! )
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My very best news is that a thing that seemed to be wrong with my car is not wrong at all. The suspicious noise was being caused by the jack in my trunk, unsecured after my flat two weeks ago. I was seriously thinking of buying a new car rather than put more money into this one, but I will put that off a little longer now. I hate being rushed into that sort of thing.

a dream and costumes )

My worst news is that I still haven't found running shoes that I like, and have not been running for two weeks. And I can tell the difference in many not-really-awesome ways!
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I am soon to embark on my first adventure in machine-sewing. I hand-sew, but only little things (like the lion hood-cowl complete with ears and feathery "mane", and matching tail made on short notice for youngest nephew three nights ago!), but I have never had the patience to learn to use sewing machines or work with patterns. I just make things up.

But I have a pattern and material and the Captain has agreed to help. My first victim project, and the whole reason I'm doing this, is a Goku costume for the oldest nephew. Goku! )

I'm going to run out of time and money making their stuff and my Howard might be a little lame for it, but I think it's more fun getting theirs right!


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