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Someone on LJ reviewd Sauna not too long ago. I can't remember who, but at that recommendation I put it on my queue and watched it last night and man was it creepy. It earned several really good jumps and squeals from me, and was just in general a creepy flick. I can't say I understood everything about it, but I don't feel like that matters somehow. Trailer! )

In not-film news: Pie a success! It was delicious, although, as I had originally planned on a different recipe, I had no ginger and substituted it with half the amount of cloves, which was a bit strong but not bad. This time (I'm making a second pie for a Thanksgiving #2 tomorrow with the Captain's family) I was prepared with ginger and added a bit of vanilla for the fun of it, and (again, though I haven't tasted the finished product) I think this one's going to be even better! And I had a cup of potatoes leftover so I made cookies... but they are simultaneously veryvery boring and a bit over-spiced. Perhaps some icing will help them out.

Oh, and I just ended boiling the potatoes both times. It's a time-saver!

Unrelated, we got our hen today. More for the hen-curious! )
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T-Rex lovingly hi-jacked from Ryan North.

I am grateful for such awesome friends!

And to those of you not celabrating turkey ham, happy regular day!

PIE UPDATE: As it turned out, I needed both potatoes for the pie, and they ended up being boiled. But man oh man. I haven't tasted the finished result (which is lovely!), but I could have eaten the pie filling all by itself! It should be pretty tasty.

Anyway. A good day to all. May there be a large ham in your not-to-distant future if not today.
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Oh esteemed flist! I face a dilemma! I want to make a sweet potato pie. I've never made one before! I got a recipe online which calls for boiling whole potatoes. Another suggests I boil cut-up potatoes, and my mother says not to boil them at all but to bake them, as boiling increases water content. I would default to my mom's advice but I don't recall her ever making sweet potato pie.

So. To boil or not to boil? That is the question.

Other online recipes confuse the matter further by simply calling for "cooked, mashed sweet potatoes" with no clue as to how to get them that way. This is made even worse by the endless variation of ingredients including a simple pecan topping, yogurt, and I kid you not!, tomato soup!
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I had leftover roasted chicken. So! Tortilla pizza! A flower tortilla spread with ricotta, topped with thin-sliced tomatoes, avocado, cooked spinach, roasted chicken, feta and mozarella. Baked at 375 until I felt like it had accomplished something, then broiled a bit. The tortilla held up nicely. I was too timid with the feta and it should have had some kind of garlicky element (not actual garlic, I am never slicing fresh garlic again ever), and in the end I piled my slices with extra avacado, spinach and feta but after that? EXCELLENT. I wanted mushrooms but forgot them. Black or kalamata olives would have been amazing. Next time I will put strength of the tortilla to the test!

Yeah, that's it. If you have suggestions for improvement I welcome them!

EDIT: I have found that mixing the ricotta with garlic powder, salt and parsley (does the parsley actually do anything? or just look pretty?) before spreading, then liberally applying all other ingredients greatly improves flavor. Also, optional mexican blend cheese rather than mozarella.

Oh, and I had another good run. Rufus Wainwright's Want One surprisingly good for running, or perhaps that's just because I love it so much for all its epic ways. Now for PT, shower, IT Crowd and restless sleep! Hair appt in the morning!

My life, she is magnificently exciting.


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