Jan. 6th, 2011 05:59 pm
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I'm listening to Emma on audiobook because I borrowed it from the library for that long trip and I've never read it and, anyway.

I've also never seen any of the film adaptations. There are a few! Is there one more recommended than the others?
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Leonard Cohen for nutmeg3.

(At least this is the version I'm going with for now. I keep poking at him. Also, not drawn while listening to Leonard Cohen. Shame! I know. )

And a movie. )
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Someone on LJ reviewd Sauna not too long ago. I can't remember who, but at that recommendation I put it on my queue and watched it last night and man was it creepy. It earned several really good jumps and squeals from me, and was just in general a creepy flick. I can't say I understood everything about it, but I don't feel like that matters somehow. Trailer! )

In not-film news: Pie a success! It was delicious, although, as I had originally planned on a different recipe, I had no ginger and substituted it with half the amount of cloves, which was a bit strong but not bad. This time (I'm making a second pie for a Thanksgiving #2 tomorrow with the Captain's family) I was prepared with ginger and added a bit of vanilla for the fun of it, and (again, though I haven't tasted the finished product) I think this one's going to be even better! And I had a cup of potatoes leftover so I made cookies... but they are simultaneously veryvery boring and a bit over-spiced. Perhaps some icing will help them out.

Oh, and I just ended boiling the potatoes both times. It's a time-saver!

Unrelated, we got our hen today. More for the hen-curious! )
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I watched The Brothers Bloom the other night and I'd quite like to cuddle Adrien Brody until the end of time. This is really not a new thing, though.

I'd like to read a Boosh!fic in which... Egypt! )

I'd like for my Future Sailors and Darkplace dvds to arrive tonight! (By Royal Mail! To be delivered by gents in armour with crests riding white horses with plumes on their heads.)

I'd like tea.

I'd like to host a big music sharing post but I fear it would just be me uploading a bunch of albums no one wants to hear!

I'd like for Lenscrafters to have my lenses when I go for an exam tomorrow(they never do!)!

I'd like to take Access classes so that I can be a better d-base programmer and use my skills for freelance monies of awesome!

That's enough for now. Except that I wouldn't mind seeing other "things I'd like" posts on my flist!

Funny how it started so simple and fannish and ended up on monies and real life.
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I have not posted about movies in a while!

Of note! )

Finally, to make my icon relevant: FINALLY, a real date for The Road. Nov 25! It's going be wonderful and awful, and if it isn't they won't have done it right.
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Costumes )

All that costuming didn't leave much time for movies until yesterday. It was nice to kick back and bask in belated horror.

Movies! )

A couple of pics to come, I think.

Oh, and thanks to those of you who stopped by my Virtual Halloween Party! Good times! I still owe a couple of treats, which will come soon.
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Classic Cult/Camp Horror for the whole family.

This year's Halloween lineup! )
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PT and Fitness )

Mad Men and a couple of Classics )

And having nothing to do with ANY of that, for some reason I can't remember (apart from the fact that she's awesome), I decided to introduce the Captain to Gilda Radner via Nadia Comaneci! She's still cute! I had not seen this in years and I was breathless. She was brilliant!
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Okay. Maybe I want to play too. I did this before, a long time ago, and had fun, so. Stolen from everyone.

Ask me my fannish Top Five [Whatevers]. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really! And I will answer them all in a new comments to this post.

Now, of course, old movies! )
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Neck thing inexplicably eased back to regular ouch rather than mega-ouch. Ortho doc unhelpful, insulting and dismissive. Will be scheduled for PT. And hopefully this is the last you'll hear of it.

So! All this downtime has left me with much time for more important things. Like movie watching!

Read more... )
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First! I thought this was an excellent question. I stole this from [personal profile] jou!

If you happened to have a theatre all to yourself, and you could choose any one film to watch, any movie ever, which one would you choose?

For me, even given all the classics watching lately, I can't even pretend I'd be likely to choose anything else... The Goonies!

Speaking of: movies. )
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As I said yesterday, I've been on an old movie a classics kick! I'm not an expert in classic cinema, in fact there's a whole lot I've never seen. And all I have to go by is the opinions of my fellow netflixers, and those awards lists and whatnot. So I'd love to hear from you guys!

What are some of your favorite classic movies? I'm mostly looking for movies pre-70's, say, 1940-1960, but Feel free to define "classic" in whatever way makes you warm and fuzzy.

Just a few of my favorites! )

Yours? Here or in your journal!
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Today is a day when Insanejournal really seems like the most appropriate journaling thingum for me, as things feel somewhat insane.

Ah well.

Movies? Old and older. (In (attempted but somewhat failed) brief!) )
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Oh, and! We watched Alien this weekend because the captain had never seen it and apparently neither had I! (I thought I had but I guess I was thinking of Aliens). Man, does that movie hold up or what! Suspenseful! Understated and quiet in all the right places! Awesome set (and monster, of course) designs. The Giger abounds! And it all just generally looks great.

Next on my queue of course: Aliens and Alien 3!


Jun. 6th, 2009 04:10 pm
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Quickly, before I run off to play with nephews/neice, I watched Twilight with running buddy last night, because her 7-yr-old neice wanted to watch it. I have to say I went in expecting it to be kind of terrible, even though I used to be an enormous fan of the vampire genre.

But I was wrong!

It was worse than that!

Gosh. It was impressively bad. The only characters I found even remotely unridiculous were the native american tribe folk, I would have watched and probably enjoyed a movie about them, but otherwise. Wow. Kids and teens, I can understand, but there are grown-ups who enjoy this stuff and I don't get it.

(No offense if you love the Twilight books/movies. I can see the appeal, just not the hugeness of its popularity.)

deer, croc

Jun. 4th, 2009 11:52 pm
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An encounter while running. )

Totally unrelated, Rogue? The killer croc movie? The Sam Worthington movie? Not as bad as expected. Sam was lovely. Could have had more screentime, though. Could have omitted one or three cheezy lines of dialogue. Otherwise, a mostly satisfying watch! And I enjoy Radha Mitchell.
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On a movie kick!

Watched Australia last night. Very good! Gorgeous Hugh, OMG. And David Wenham was THE DEVIL, oh man. And the kid, whose name I don't know, was the cutest kid since the little girl in The Fall. Also, pretty horses.

As for the other aussies, I watched another Sam Worthington movie, Gettin' Square. A pretty good movie, sort of like an aussie Guy Ritchie movie only with less violence, less cursing, and not as funny... so not really Guy Ritchie at all. Anyway, crime folk doing silly things and one really lovable guy. Lovable guy was Sam Worthington of course, who was so adorable. *eats him* AND David Wenham again! Who played possibly the best and probably the most entertaining junkie ever. I will never look at Faramir again without imagining him in leopard print underwear and flip-flops.

Because I can... some pics and vids. )


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