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Katie, an awesome lady I've known for years, made me a drawing of herself with Mr. J! for being awesome her 100th fan on facebook! :D Look how lovely!

I got a tired face from grinning so much at this! :D I wonder what would happen if I tried to pose with Mr. J like that?... Bad things, trust me.

You can see more of Katie's work at her blog, See Katie Draw!
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Leonard Cohen for nutmeg3.

(At least this is the version I'm going with for now. I keep poking at him. Also, not drawn while listening to Leonard Cohen. Shame! I know. )

And a movie. )
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A Card for You! )

Now for an impromptu holiday party! And there can be no party without music! )

Ah, Andy Williams, the ultimate in Christmas voices! What best represents your respective holiday?
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So, yeah, I've used IE for, like, ever. Because it was a giant leap up from netscape a zillion years ago, and I hate change like a thing that hates change. A lot.

But I've just battled some little something I picked up at (of all places) twitter, and slipped past my anti-virus!, and seemed to affect ie in particular. So. Here I am, live from the firefox that M convinced me to download weeks ago and I abandoned as quirky. It is quirky, the bastard.

And now to the point! Phew.

What add-ons do I want to make this browser a fortress? And how do I tell it to stop spellchecking me? And how do I make the address bar less confusing? And why does it call pages by funny names that have nothing to do with it? ( is called "sue and the unicorn", and livejournal is "livejournal is down!"... I don't need titles, even if they're sensible.)

Thank you in advance. Apologies for asking stupid questions.

And now to attempt to accomplish something.
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Oh esteemed flist! I face a dilemma! I want to make a sweet potato pie. I've never made one before! I got a recipe online which calls for boiling whole potatoes. Another suggests I boil cut-up potatoes, and my mother says not to boil them at all but to bake them, as boiling increases water content. I would default to my mom's advice but I don't recall her ever making sweet potato pie.

So. To boil or not to boil? That is the question.

Other online recipes confuse the matter further by simply calling for "cooked, mashed sweet potatoes" with no clue as to how to get them that way. This is made even worse by the endless variation of ingredients including a simple pecan topping, yogurt, and I kid you not!, tomato soup!


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