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It's not going to mean much to most of you, as most of my flist here is non-Boosh, since that fandom has no presence on DW... yet.

Still, I know that many of you are working for the Dreamwidth is Made of Kittens and Rainbows campaign, so you might be happy to know that, thanks to another LJ friend, there is now on DW:

[community profile] electrocircus! A Boosh fanfiction comm! :D

I'll be posting my stuff there! Waiting for the day when the fandom rises up and moves over as one!
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A Card for You! )

Now for an impromptu holiday party! And there can be no party without music! )

Ah, Andy Williams, the ultimate in Christmas voices! What best represents your respective holiday?
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I have to post this. I cannot resist! Both of them are absolutely hilarious! Possibly even if you are not a Boosh fan?

I don't mind the feel-up... )
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I watched The Brothers Bloom the other night and I'd quite like to cuddle Adrien Brody until the end of time. This is really not a new thing, though.

I'd like to read a Boosh!fic in which... Egypt! )

I'd like for my Future Sailors and Darkplace dvds to arrive tonight! (By Royal Mail! To be delivered by gents in armour with crests riding white horses with plumes on their heads.)

I'd like tea.

I'd like to host a big music sharing post but I fear it would just be me uploading a bunch of albums no one wants to hear!

I'd like for Lenscrafters to have my lenses when I go for an exam tomorrow(they never do!)!

I'd like to take Access classes so that I can be a better d-base programmer and use my skills for freelance monies of awesome!

That's enough for now. Except that I wouldn't mind seeing other "things I'd like" posts on my flist!

Funny how it started so simple and fannish and ended up on monies and real life.
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My very best news is that a thing that seemed to be wrong with my car is not wrong at all. The suspicious noise was being caused by the jack in my trunk, unsecured after my flat two weeks ago. I was seriously thinking of buying a new car rather than put more money into this one, but I will put that off a little longer now. I hate being rushed into that sort of thing.

a dream and costumes )

My worst news is that I still haven't found running shoes that I like, and have not been running for two weeks. And I can tell the difference in many not-really-awesome ways!
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My favorite time of the year!

After much thinking and torture and net-surfing, we have landed back at our original idea. The Captain and I shall be Tundra!Boosh for Halloween!

Bringing the arctic to Florida! )

That said, because Halloween is on a Saturday this year, we're going to a party. :D The downside to this is that I will once again not be around for my "annual" Virtual Halloween party. HOWEVER, I hate to miss out two years in a row! I enjoy it too much, and we had a killer time in 2007! So, how about I have it a couple of days early? Say, Thursday and Friday, the 29th and 30th? Can I pencil you all in? Don't forget that there are door prizes in the form of bad poetry, poorly rendered graphics, and shortshort fiction!
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Just links for my own entertainings.

Here is a short article from Spin. Mostly I link because it features a pretty nice little video which well encompasses the spirit of the Boosh.

Can I embed it here? Let's try. )

And over here is a fabulous, fun, and long interview with Julian and Noel, about writing and doing things and pomegranates (actually just one). An excerpt, perhaps? )

Related to this, we got the live show DVD. It's ridiculously fun, especially seeing them do the songs, particularly with Julian's falsetto. Noel Fielding seems to have no concept whatsoever of the fourth wall, Julian little enough. This is in no way a bad thing. Some clips.
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day 07 | whatever tickles your fancy

I don't really surf the web randomly. I don't have a backlog of super nifty sites. Usually when I find something randomly interesting, it's something someone has sent me, such as this site for dogs with owners who ought to be shot poodle art (the buffalo and the camel are my favorite).

But there are certain things I poke about for when I'm in a surfing mood, and one is design. This site: features super nifty business card designs. Boring? Nope! And I appreciate them in particular because I've had to design more than a few, and most clients don't want anything terribly out of the norm. Also because they're one one of the few things that are necessarily printed! Cut-outs, punch-outs, fold-ups, lock picks, see-through, they're all there.

Unrelated! )

Oh! And! I have an appointment for a haircut Saturday. A *real* one!
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day 01 | a song
day 02 | a picture
day 03 | a book/ebook/fanfic
day 04 | a site
day 05 | a youtube clip
day 06 | a quote
day 07 | whatever tickles your fancy

For today: The Mighty Book of Boosh!

So it's not exactly Dostoyevsky, but it's whole lot of fun. An incredible amount of work went into this thing, it's enormous, weighing in at just over 300 pages! It's like a textbook! Only awesomer and with prettier pictures. Seriously, there are photos and drawings and scans of sketchbooks and type-illustrated song lyrics and stories and some really snazzy design courtesy of Bollo, the gorilla Dave Brown. Also, you learn what really happened to Jack the Ripper. You might be surprised!

Here's a review, far better than mine, and complete with pretty pictures.


Sep. 14th, 2009 03:26 pm
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Moar Booshfic.

It's funny, I've never been great at drabbles, but double that seems just about right. Any longer and this would have gone smushy.


Sep. 12th, 2009 11:52 am
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Boosh fic. :)

I've been meaning to say that the SPN premiere was a little meh for me. Dean's attitude was the best bit but then that's not unusual.
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I have been suppressing this urge again. I tell you. It's been difficult. But now, brought to you by my lack of self control and my ability to do as I please, in no particular order: satsumas, man thighs, man kissing, cross-dressing, shamans, an evil cockney, moar cross-dressing, Richard Ayoade, and the moon.

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you: My Fandom )

Ahh, that feels much better.
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Still on a Boosh bender. Got the first disc of 2nd season today. Shared the first season with running buddy who loved it and promptly set her DVR to record all the eps on Adult Swim.

Also, I blame the Captain for this mostly. Eels Up Inside Your Highness.

In other news, neck was better. Now neck sucks again. I don't understand.

Oh, and someone at work brought me a tiny bottle of Stoli vodka. I've never had vodka. I'd like to try it tonight but my anti-inflammatory meds warn against mixing with alcohol as it increases the risk of "stomach bleeding" which sounds theoretically kind of badass but actually rather unpleasant.
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I should just say now that I'm in love with the Mighty Boosh and may never recover. I'm so excited about it I can't even talk about it except to say how excited I am. It's ridiculous and adorable and there's singing. It's like my own little warm wacky breast upon which to rest my head and feast on the androgyny. It's nice. ^ ^

(Note to self: need Boosh icon.)

In other news, also slightly in love with my PT guy. I may kidnap him and keep him in my basement.

(Note to self: build basement.)

Yeah, that's it.

Oh, except that I've been banned from swimming by aforementioned PT guy. Bother.
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The Captain has introduced me to The Mighty Boosh. She showed me some clips months ago and I tried to find them on Netflix but they weren't available. Then suddenly Adult Swim picks them up, they appear on Netflix, and well. Here we are.

Anyway. This could be bad for me ALL OF YOU.

Pics and clips. Because! )


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