Jan. 6th, 2011 05:59 pm
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I'm listening to Emma on audiobook because I borrowed it from the library for that long trip and I've never read it and, anyway.

I've also never seen any of the film adaptations. There are a few! Is there one more recommended than the others?
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They performed on the show and then did a web concert. I think I gathered them all up! Sound quality on the web concert is not as good as the show, but it's still good times. Older stuff and new!

not red not blue not yellow but black )
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Katie, an awesome lady I've known for years, made me a drawing of herself with Mr. J! for being awesome her 100th fan on facebook! :D Look how lovely!

I got a tired face from grinning so much at this! :D I wonder what would happen if I tried to pose with Mr. J like that?... Bad things, trust me.

You can see more of Katie's work at her blog, See Katie Draw!
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DW tells me that I was chosen at random to recieve some paid time! To be honest, I was paid at first, but then it lapsed and I just didn't bother because I've been at LJ so much. But it's nice to have my icons back!

The most exciting news I have otherwise is that today is my Friday and I've got the next 4 days off.

Also, I bought my mom an aloe plant in a pretty pot for Mother's day. (I'm also going to buy her some silverware. LAME?)

Finally, I look forward to strawberry cake.
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It's not going to mean much to most of you, as most of my flist here is non-Boosh, since that fandom has no presence on DW... yet.

Still, I know that many of you are working for the Dreamwidth is Made of Kittens and Rainbows campaign, so you might be happy to know that, thanks to another LJ friend, there is now on DW:

[community profile] electrocircus! A Boosh fanfiction comm! :D

I'll be posting my stuff there! Waiting for the day when the fandom rises up and moves over as one!
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Because it's awesome and I can. I read a review which used words like "folkadelic", "shimmering synthtopia", and "ambient delirium".

I wanna live in a shimmering synthtopia! It would at least be a nice place to visit. )
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I hope today brings something wonderful, and the rest of the year manages to match it! :) I hope you're dancing tonight, too.
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Fourth season of Kids in the Hall and we get the Hookers at last. Dave Foley: the prettiest woman in comedy! :D

And now, Can you dig it? )
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On the beach and it must be so cold but they're so gorgeous! *wants a lot*
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Leonard Cohen for nutmeg3.

(At least this is the version I'm going with for now. I keep poking at him. Also, not drawn while listening to Leonard Cohen. Shame! I know. )

And a movie. )
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Someone posted these to the equestrian comm, and they're fantastic.

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like )
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A Card for You! )

Now for an impromptu holiday party! And there can be no party without music! )

Ah, Andy Williams, the ultimate in Christmas voices! What best represents your respective holiday?
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Thank you, [personal profile] mrkinch, [personal profile] elspethsheir, [personal profile] cruisedirector, [profile] faramir_boromir, & "[profile] itsmepeace for the lovely cards! :) All the nice words and pretty pictures! I'm spoiled.

My cards are late! Again. No one is surprised! I got a batch of cards out today, hopefully the rest tomorrow.

Related, I've *finally* started gift-buying.

Also related, running buddy gave me a Moss cup! A coffee cup with Moss's face on the bottom. It's pretty fantastic and was the most hilarious gift-opening ever. Poor Moss. I'm sure he's still looking for it!
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So, yeah, I've used IE for, like, ever. Because it was a giant leap up from netscape a zillion years ago, and I hate change like a thing that hates change. A lot.

But I've just battled some little something I picked up at (of all places) twitter, and slipped past my anti-virus!, and seemed to affect ie in particular. So. Here I am, live from the firefox that M convinced me to download weeks ago and I abandoned as quirky. It is quirky, the bastard.

And now to the point! Phew.

What add-ons do I want to make this browser a fortress? And how do I tell it to stop spellchecking me? And how do I make the address bar less confusing? And why does it call pages by funny names that have nothing to do with it? (mail.yahoo.com is called "sue and the unicorn", and livejournal is "livejournal is down!"... I don't need titles, even if they're sensible.)

Thank you in advance. Apologies for asking stupid questions.

And now to attempt to accomplish something.
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Friday I went shopping with a friend and Kohl's had If You Give a Mouse a Cookie plush mice, and the profits go to charity. This was one of my favorite books as a kid! And I still love it. And while I bought him for my neice and intended to buy the book also and give her both, I have been snuggling him since.

I might have to buy another.

Otherwise, we (the Captain and I... and the mouse) watched the first episode of Carl Sagan's Cosmos, prompted by the nifty Symphony of Science songs/videos. We will be continuing the series!

Somewhat related, worked with my nephew on his science project. Was not as awesome as it should have been.

Now to do some things I've been meaning to do.
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I have to post this. I cannot resist! Both of them are absolutely hilarious! Possibly even if you are not a Boosh fan?

I don't mind the feel-up... )
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Someone on LJ reviewd Sauna not too long ago. I can't remember who, but at that recommendation I put it on my queue and watched it last night and man was it creepy. It earned several really good jumps and squeals from me, and was just in general a creepy flick. I can't say I understood everything about it, but I don't feel like that matters somehow. Trailer! )

In not-film news: Pie a success! It was delicious, although, as I had originally planned on a different recipe, I had no ginger and substituted it with half the amount of cloves, which was a bit strong but not bad. This time (I'm making a second pie for a Thanksgiving #2 tomorrow with the Captain's family) I was prepared with ginger and added a bit of vanilla for the fun of it, and (again, though I haven't tasted the finished product) I think this one's going to be even better! And I had a cup of potatoes leftover so I made cookies... but they are simultaneously veryvery boring and a bit over-spiced. Perhaps some icing will help them out.

Oh, and I just ended boiling the potatoes both times. It's a time-saver!

Unrelated, we got our hen today. More for the hen-curious! )
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T-Rex lovingly hi-jacked from Ryan North.

I am grateful for such awesome friends!

And to those of you not celabrating turkey ham, happy regular day!

PIE UPDATE: As it turned out, I needed both potatoes for the pie, and they ended up being boiled. But man oh man. I haven't tasted the finished result (which is lovely!), but I could have eaten the pie filling all by itself! It should be pretty tasty.

Anyway. A good day to all. May there be a large ham in your not-to-distant future if not today.


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