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Got my coat today. A bit narrow for my manshoulders and touch short in the arms but it would have worked fine for Howard starters. Oh well.

And! Goku! )
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Costumes )

All that costuming didn't leave much time for movies until yesterday. It was nice to kick back and bask in belated horror.

Movies! )

A couple of pics to come, I think.

Oh, and thanks to those of you who stopped by my Virtual Halloween Party! Good times! I still owe a couple of treats, which will come soon.
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I am soon to embark on my first adventure in machine-sewing. I hand-sew, but only little things (like the lion hood-cowl complete with ears and feathery "mane", and matching tail made on short notice for youngest nephew three nights ago!), but I have never had the patience to learn to use sewing machines or work with patterns. I just make things up.

But I have a pattern and material and the Captain has agreed to help. My first victim project, and the whole reason I'm doing this, is a Goku costume for the oldest nephew. Goku! )

I'm going to run out of time and money making their stuff and my Howard might be a little lame for it, but I think it's more fun getting theirs right!
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Classic Cult/Camp Horror for the whole family.

This year's Halloween lineup! )
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My favorite time of the year!

After much thinking and torture and net-surfing, we have landed back at our original idea. The Captain and I shall be Tundra!Boosh for Halloween!

Bringing the arctic to Florida! )

That said, because Halloween is on a Saturday this year, we're going to a party. :D The downside to this is that I will once again not be around for my "annual" Virtual Halloween party. HOWEVER, I hate to miss out two years in a row! I enjoy it too much, and we had a killer time in 2007! So, how about I have it a couple of days early? Say, Thursday and Friday, the 29th and 30th? Can I pencil you all in? Don't forget that there are door prizes in the form of bad poetry, poorly rendered graphics, and shortshort fiction!


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