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Adventures in Eyecare )

In adventures of the shoewear variety, I found new running shoes! Not perfect but at this point I'll take what I can get. I haven't been running in a month because of it. I hope I continue to like them. Nope!

Other than that, I found a nifty patterned shirt, mostly grey and yellow, to add to my collection of awesome clothes which could also be upholstery. Also, pants.

Oh, and the newest Kasabian and a not-so-new Death Cab for Cutie.
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My very best news is that a thing that seemed to be wrong with my car is not wrong at all. The suspicious noise was being caused by the jack in my trunk, unsecured after my flat two weeks ago. I was seriously thinking of buying a new car rather than put more money into this one, but I will put that off a little longer now. I hate being rushed into that sort of thing.

a dream and costumes )

My worst news is that I still haven't found running shoes that I like, and have not been running for two weeks. And I can tell the difference in many not-really-awesome ways!
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I had leftover roasted chicken. So! Tortilla pizza! A flower tortilla spread with ricotta, topped with thin-sliced tomatoes, avocado, cooked spinach, roasted chicken, feta and mozarella. Baked at 375 until I felt like it had accomplished something, then broiled a bit. The tortilla held up nicely. I was too timid with the feta and it should have had some kind of garlicky element (not actual garlic, I am never slicing fresh garlic again ever), and in the end I piled my slices with extra avacado, spinach and feta but after that? EXCELLENT. I wanted mushrooms but forgot them. Black or kalamata olives would have been amazing. Next time I will put strength of the tortilla to the test!

Yeah, that's it. If you have suggestions for improvement I welcome them!

EDIT: I have found that mixing the ricotta with garlic powder, salt and parsley (does the parsley actually do anything? or just look pretty?) before spreading, then liberally applying all other ingredients greatly improves flavor. Also, optional mexican blend cheese rather than mozarella.

Oh, and I had another good run. Rufus Wainwright's Want One surprisingly good for running, or perhaps that's just because I love it so much for all its epic ways. Now for PT, shower, IT Crowd and restless sleep! Hair appt in the morning!

My life, she is magnificently exciting.

One Mile!

Sep. 16th, 2009 08:04 pm
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Well, maybe like 9.5/10ths of a mile but I didn't know the distance while I was running (I drove it after), and I could have/would have gone another .05 miles had I known, so. IT COUNTS.


I know this is not really impressive. We were supposed to be able to run a mile in highschool. Minimum! But I never did. I never tried, and I never cared. So. Huzzah.

Oh, also, Aphex Twin Come To Daddy EP ftw. I've been looking for something as good for running as Demon Days. Mr. D. James comin' through for me.

deer, croc

Jun. 4th, 2009 11:52 pm
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An encounter while running. )

Totally unrelated, Rogue? The killer croc movie? The Sam Worthington movie? Not as bad as expected. Sam was lovely. Could have had more screentime, though. Could have omitted one or three cheezy lines of dialogue. Otherwise, a mostly satisfying watch! And I enjoy Radha Mitchell.


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